Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mission endorsed in principle

I was pleased to hear from Father Graham Francis this evening that Thursday's review of the work of the Lightship and Bay Chaplaincy ended with resolve to pursue the continuation of this mission project with increased ecumenical involvement and support. There was no doubt about the value of what has been achieved up to now, after the presentations and endorsements received. The only way forward that can strengthen and build upon these achievements is a broader base for support, so that we get nearer to having someone representing the interests that many Christian denominations in the working life of the Bay area.

The challenge is now to move from good participants' good intentions to a financial commitment from denominational treasuries to pay out over the next three to five years. It shouldn't again be left to one denomination (the URC) to foot the largest part of the bill for a post that has value for all Christians and their communities in the city.

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