Thursday, May 14, 2009


I got down to church to let Steve and Mike into the sacristy to finish off the window installation job, to discover that someone had climbed the scaffolding, ripped out the top section of board covering the window light awaiting the return of its glazed panel, climbed through the narrow opening and dropped down over twelve feet into the sacristy, to snoop around. Finding all the doors securely locked, the intruder moved a ladder and climbed back out the same way.

Thankfully the miscreant's precarious decent in darkness didn't result in damage to the new glazed panels. Nothing was taken, nothing disturbed, except the well being of those of us who discovered the intrusion. Annoyingly, the office phone was not working, and the internet connection down, as the junction box came off the wall recently and got filled with dirt and water, so I had to go over to the City Centre manager's office and beg the use of a phone to report the incident to the police, and alert the phone company to our need for an engineer's visit.

By mid-afternoon the window job was complete, and the new guard installed. Now the whole thing looks great. both inside and outside. It's amazing what a difference having all new guards properly fitted has made to the external appearance of the church, a real face lift. The have one left to do now. The Comper High Altar window needs a good clean, and a new window guard that'll cost several thousand to make and a few more to install, given the price of scaffolding hire. But it will be worth it.

Thankfully too, by the end of the day, the phone was working again.

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