Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family matters

I went back to sleep, woke up late and had a struggle to lively myself up in order to take Auntie Daphne back home to Crediton. Despite the rain, it was a good journey and by the time we reached Somerset it had just about stopped The Devon countryside with its rich red earth is abundant with spring flowers, buttercups, dog daisies, small daisies, lilac bushes was a feast for the eyes. On the way home I paid a surprise visit to my sister Pauline and brother in law Geoff in Bleadon Hill. It's possible to look across the Severn Estuary at Cardiff Bay, and the Beacons from their bungalow. Their street's not called 'Brecon View' without good cause. As I arrived home Clare was outside and waving a phone excitedly at me. It was Owain on the line, announcing that the British Council were offering him the job he'd really hoped for.

There was a message awaiting me to tell me of the death of Muriel Davies, the widow of Canon Edwin Davies, my predecessor but one. Later, her son Neil rang about her funeral. It was her express wish for this to happen 'among friends' in St John's, not in the Cathedral Parish where she'd lived until she finally had to move into a care home. Nothing against the Cathedral, but those who've belonged to St John's retain that bond of affection with the heart of Cardiff's holiest and most venerable place. All those of the St John's 'family' who remember her will be there, for sure.

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