Friday, March 27, 2009

Too crowded

City Centre Churches together met last night. It was such a pity that only one representative from the Welsh speaking churches was present. All the others were at a Lenten prayer meeting whose dates had been fixed without awareness of CCCT's fixed date. We had a clergy meeting beforehand to arrange another Fraternal meeting. Having attempted to meet for breakfast on first Tuesdays for a couple of years, and often failed to sustain the habit, we needed to think about a workable alternative. The difficult thing is that often we get pulled about by demands which arise after dates have been fixed, and for reasons outside our control, these have to take priority. All our lives have become too crowded. It's harder than ever to take time to reflect together, but the need to do so is undiminished.

I met with Roberta and Anthony for a wedding rehearsal this afternoon. They brought lots of family members along with them. Not so much as spectators, but to see the church, as many if not most of them were unfamiliar with the building. Theirs is the second of two weddings on the same day, a week tomorrow. It's strange, with only 4-5 weddings a year, this is now the second time in as many years that I've had a pair of weddings on the same day, and for no obvious reason. Back in the days when I was Rector of Halesowen with 60-70 weddings a year, mostly bunched in spring or early summer, we had requests for as many as five weddings on certain days. We had to impose a limit of three in order to manage the use of the building, which all would expect to find pristine, as if it they were the only users. I don't think St John's or I would easily cope with that sort of regular demand nowadays.

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