Wednesday, March 04, 2009


First thing this morning I cycled down to County Hall for a Countdown 2009 Executive meeting, at which I had to report on the latest issues of interest and concern from the Faith Focus Group. We were given a brief guided tour of the new computer booking system for all registered accommodation providors in and around Cardiff, an amazingly detailed and complex piece of database engineering, which one can only hope delivers as superbly as it promises.

Another essay in complexity was given by Pat Thompson, one of the city enginers charged with highways and transportation. He chaired the group I attended last week about infrastructure issues. He reported on that meeting, but also gave an excellent presentation on the simple question of people's reasons for travelling into the city, and traffic management matters arising therefrom. It was an insight into the complexity of the problems which are coped with, well or badly on a day to day basis.

It would be nice to see a presentation like that out in the public realm for a wider audience to absorb, and maybe think a little more about how and when they travel. I must ask Pat about this when I'm next in touch with him. I have the task of collating all the Sunday service times of places of worship in and nearby the city centre, as an indicator of times when some people are in need of public transport to get them where they want to be. There may be no simple answer that satisfies all, but maybe just thinking about it will open the door to something innovative.

I had to dash out before the end of the meeting to pedal back to the city centre for the lunchtime Eucharist. Then, after lunch the first of my deferred Tuesday Group Lenten services and with address, this year on 'Prayer of the Heart'. Ten people turned up, for which I was most grateful.

After supper, I went up to St MIchael's College in Llandaff to meet with Ben and two fellow students who are going to be conducting the Vigil at the Cross on Good Friday, while I am away preaching in St David's Cathedral Pembrokeshire. I shall enjoy sharing in their preparation for this, and believe that their freshness will be really good for those who gather for the Three Hours at the heart of the city.

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