Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Climate in focus

The Faith Focus Group met this evening. I sounded them out about the idea of a conference on global warming and carbon reduction. These are issues which faith communities need to take seriously, as the City seeks to engage with the matter and formulate a policy. It would greatly enhance public regard for the social contribution faith groups make if an effective moral lead could be taken. It would mean investing time and money in making buildings energy efficient, and pledging greatly increased shared use of every kind of transport.

I think the group is prepared to support the idea, although I think none of us are quite sure where this is going to take us. I've been talking to Robin Samuel, Christian Aid organiser in South Wales about us working on this together, as he has such an extensive network of contacts, and works for an organisation which is already campaigning on the impact on global warming on the world's poor. There has to be some positive synergy here.

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