Saturday, March 14, 2009

Landscape change

Arriving home from town, after visiting the new library I was for the first time struck by the huge change to the streetscape of Queen Anne Square which has taken place over the past few days. Dark skies and drizzle recently has limited the desire to stop and take notice of things when leaving or arriving home.

A line of overgrown plane trees, just over the north wall enclosing the Square has disappeared in just a couple of days. These stood along the perimeter of Nazareth House convent garden, itself a broad and spacious green apron in front of an imposing ensemble of late Victorian buildings to the north of us.

Now the buildings in all their glory are visible, and we can even see the overhead traffic light gantry on North Road beyond on the west side. Previously the foliage was so dense, low level bushes as well as tall trees, that little was visible of the scene beyond. The convent is less secuded than it used to be, and no doubt the cost of grounds management will be lower.

Now there'll be fewer leaves blowing over the wall to help justify the cost of our new roof gutter covers. But there will also be less shelter for the varied local bird population, quite prolific for the centre of a city. I wonder if the convent authorities had as much hassle with the Council's Tree Protection man as we did in St John's churchyard?

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