Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Still harvesting

I revisited the database of Cardiff's religious communites today, remembering that there were a few bits of information I needed to check, involving a trip over to Pontcanna to inspect a building I know to be a church, but wasn't sure if I already had its details. Sure enough, this produced more information about another small network of communities I knew nothing about, yet which had its own website, for anyone who know about them to visit.

It occurred to me that I should also add into the collection some information about Cardiff's so-called 'sects', (Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Christadelphians, Spiritualists etc) since these also have a well established presence and membership. Another couple of hours of searching added in another eight communities to the list, although information about some of them is somewhat sparser - if they have websites, contact details are not easy to find, but this is true of many of the small new generation groups as well. Some of them even have members - only login facilities to access some of their site information. It's an interesting dimension to the 'presentation of self' that having a website conveys.

The database now stands at 228 entries. I look forward to see how all this will look when it's presented as part of the Spiritual Capital website makeover that will happen as part of the publication of our research report. It will also be interesting to discover, as undoubtedly we will in due course when someone complains, about oversights and omissions in this information gathering exercise.

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