Friday, May 16, 2008

Progress on several fronts

Another early hospital appointment today, with a view to investigating the state of my bladder, in the light of my kidney related problem. I was at the Heath by eight o'clock, to check whether they'd take me, as I had forgotten to confirm my appointment by phone. When I tried to explain that I hadn't confirmed, and asked if I had to reschedule, the receptionist said wryly : "You don't get away from us that easily. Now what did you say your name was?" This time I was obliged to undress and don a theatre gown ready for action, but beforehand was interviewed by the consultant responsible for the day's intake. He looked at my X-rays and CT scan output, all called up on-screen from a central server which must hold tens of thousands of these images - each took an average of 2-3 seconds to pop up, indicating the very powerful image rendering capabilities of the hospital diagnostic computer kit. Nice technology.

The CT scan showed a kidney stone descending from the left kidney to the bladder, about two thirds of the way there. It wasn't visible on the X rays, probably because it was shielded by a bone. He concluded that the bladder investigation would yield nothing new, and cancelled the procedure. "Come back in two weeks and we'll see if it's visible by X-ray. Then we can treat it with ultrasound pulses." He said. Apparently, if they can fix a location by X-rays in 3D, they can zap the stone and cause it to break up. I felt quite pleased with this outcome, and was on the bus home by ten. It meant I was able to go into church and enjoy the Friday Eucharist celebrated by my good friend David Lee, and then spend an hour washing up in the tea room.

The work on the nave of the church is nearing completion. The scaffolding will be gone by mid week next week. For the second week running we shall hold this Sunday's services in the St John Chapel, which is actually very pleasant, since everyone sits closer together and that makes the singing sound extra good.

Today, after much manouvering, a date was finally fixed for the launch conference of the report of the Spiritual Capital conference. It will be on 16th July at City Church - much later than I'd ever thought, but apparently this will fit best with the speaker we want to engage, and the plan to promote the event. None of this I am responsible for, having handed it over, but I find it very frustrating to have to wait so long to have closure for a project which has already taken up a big chunch of my time and emotional energy over the past year and a half. Let's just hope that it proves to be a useful contribution to stimuate dialogue between churches and local government in this xity of ours.

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