Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cleanliness - godliness?

During Friday, all the scaffolding in the nave of the church was taken down and is now all piled up on the floor ready to be transported away next week. The nave still cannot be used, everything is still shrouded in dust sheets, or plain dust. So, we had another Sunday in the St John chapel, where I couldn't help noticing just how dusty the Comper reredos figures are - in need of a lot of tlc. But even on a dull wet day, the brilliant white distempered walls, and newly polished wood floors lift the spirits. There's just the Victorian tiles to strip, clean and polish now, to add that extra sparkle - once the dust has been carefully removed.

Several Irish rugby fans joined us for the main service, giving thanks no doubt for Munster's victory in yesterday's Heineken cup. The tower porch entrance was piled with rubbish thrown over the fence by clients of neighbouring pubs and fast food joints, but thankfully due to the nave being out of use, I entered through the south porch, and didn't have to wade through or clear the mess before going to the altar of God. It meant I was certainly less angry or despairing than I usually am after big match days, but avoidance isn't exactly a state of grace. I shall take photographs to show at the next Countdown 2009 Cleansing Focus Group meetings, to show what we routinely live with. It's all part of our little effort to encourage to Council either to tackle the problem of people who wilfully dump their consumer rubbish, or to make sure that those dumped upon do not have to suffer for the sins of the guzzling slobs who make the cash tills of food and drink industry bleep with frenzy.

After Evensong, I noticed the packaging of a dozen tins of lager in the middle of the churchyard. I went over to retrieve it, and was surprised to discover that it was half full of un-opened 500ml lager cans. Either someone passing had got tired of carrying it after all their mates had taken a tinnie, or as one of the departing congregation said wryly, perhaps it was a thank-offering for last night's victory.

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