Monday, April 07, 2008

Water water everywhere

Monday is always a day of recovery from Sunday, when all the tiredness seeps out. School re-starts today, but 'God on Mondays' doesn't start until next week, so I could take a little down time, have a proper lunch at home with Clare and Owain, fix myself an oesteo-myology appointment to get my shoulder sorted, still causing sleepless nights, following my piste crash in January. Then the phone rings. It's Steve from City Centre Management to tell me that this time, the mechanical digger breaking up all the road surfaces outside St John's has hit a water main, so there's a flood panic. Could I check the crypt?

We have only a small boiler house. No crypt was ever built, either in the eleventh or fifteen century re-build. Most of the early Victorian buildings adjacent have old cellars, a network said to reach over to St Mary Street and the Castle. All flooded, apparently. Fortunately, Philip was in church early afternoon, and the builder's contractors were in working as usual, and there was no church disaster to report, thankfully. But after lunch, on the way to my appointment, I popped in to the centre to see the damage. Water was still flowing and the trenches just north of the church flowed with water, making it look like ... Venice, or a Cotswold village with a stream down its main street, depending upon the flavour of your imagination.

Apparently a water engineering team will have to come in and excavate in order to repair this evening. Such excitement - and I didn't have my camera with me!

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