Sunday, January 17, 2010

A decent proposition

After recent poor weather, numbers at church are beginning to pick up again. At the Friends Committee meeting after Evensong, we decided that we would press on with the font enhancement project. Although the DAC seems to want a grand plan for all the works needing to be done at the west end of the church, the work on the font cover, in our view stands independently of the rest. As we have a site meeting on Tuesday, it's possible questinos abut this could be resolved. Then we'd be free to apply for a Faculty.

I was also sounded out abut how I'd feel about the possibility of a Parish farewell do that would entail a fairly localised pilgrimage outing culminating in a nice sit down dinner together with all the regular member, who normally turn out for such an event. It's like someone read my mind. I can think of nothing I'd appreciate more. It's one of those things we do well together, guaranteeing a fond memory to set out with on my retirement journey.

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