Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to work

The alarm rang before seven this morning to get us up early to receive a delivery of furniture flat packs for assembly and testing in preparation for our retirement move in three months from now. The consignment arrived just after nine, with a courtesy call just beforehand from the driver, so we could have stayed in bed, but never mind. By eleven, we had a new bed frame assembled, to fit the mattress we bought several months ago. The old bed had lost its capacity to allow me a good night's sleep, and with old shoulder injuries playing up, I've had more than my share of insomnia this past year or so. I look forward to testing it.

The city centre and St John's were quiet this morning, shopping activity still subdued by wintry weather conditions. There was half the usual audience for the lunchtime organ concert, although there were ten of us for the usual noon Eucharist beforehand. Because of my leave arrangments, Archdeacon David Lee had offered to come and celebrate, so I had the pleasure of sitting quietly in the congregation instead of leading the service. The tea room was not as busy as usual, but I still took a turn at washing up for a couple of hours before heading home for some desk-work.

At last, the Faculty to renew the south side churchyard path has arrived, along with news in an email that a source of riven Pennant flagstones has been identified at a decent price. It's taken a year, but there is now the real possibility of the job being done before the Mayoral service on St David's Day. One of the last pieces of pavement in the city centre to be renewed. As the Mayoral service aims to be one of thanksgiving for the achievements of last year's completion of the city centre regeneration projects, this is encouraging news for me.

The evening was taken up with constructing a draft order of service for discussion at a meeting with County Protocol people on Monday, and preparing the God on Monday weekly services for the next month. And finally, pretty tired, I'm off to test the new bed.

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