Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preparing handover

The PCC met tonight in Tredegarville School staffroom - our first midweek meeting for some years, to accommodate the Archdeacon, and those uncomfortable about driving into the centre in the night. Peggy took them through a mapping exercise to identify all the various components of ministry that need to be maintained and owned by other during an interregnum.

I felt they all did me proud, showing their awareness of the unique and rich complexity of the church's everyday life, and its ordinary and special occasions. In thinking about what needs to be handed over, however, I became aware when I arrived home of one huge and glaring omission. We'd all forgotten to think about the Parish website, who will keep it up to date in future?

About a third of our regulars, I would say, are I.T. users, and maybe they don't have that much need of the website, when up to date information in print is so readily available in church. However, the website is a component of our interface with the rest of the world. It gets consulted by visitors from all over the world, I'd say around a thousand visits a year, although I haven't done any proper analysis of this.

Fancy me, of all people tech obsessed, forgetting that!

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