Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Archdeacon Peggy came tonight and met with the church wardens and a few others to try and untangle some of the problems associated with several outstanding faculties we have in the pipeline which don't seem to be moving. However, the main reason for her visit was some preliminary work to brief the others on procedures leading up to my retirement, the appointment of a successor and to prepare for the necessary interregnum.

It was a cordial meeting, one in which all displayed a good general understanding of the dual ministry I have exercised as church pastor and city centre missioner. She needed to check if my version of the life and activities of the church was one that's well shared. I think she went home with a really good sense of the excellent team that was there before I came on the scene and which will be there, God willing, when I have moved off 'the edge of the centre' into retirement.

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