Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two celebrations

Sixty four today - another Easter birthday in bright spring sunshine. I woke up after a good night's sleep, refreshed and not at all exhausted after yesterday's marathon. Card, presents, leisurely breakfast, shopping, lunch in the garden with Owain and Clare, family phone calls, contentment.

This evening, just eight of us in church to announce the resurrection and renew our baptismal vows. City centre pubs were alive and buzzing as the sun went down, Cardiff Blues had just beaten visitors from Toulouse, and there were lots of glum French supporters out and about.

We do the service very simply, and it only lasts about twenty minutes. That's enough after a long week with an energetic celebration to come tomorrow morning. Singing the Paschal proclamation is something I love to do, plus reading the Gospel of the empty tomb. 'Night most blessed, when heaven is wedded to earth and all creation reconciled to God.' What a birthday present!

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