Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A break in the holiday

Monday we walked from Oxwich to Three Cliffs Bay. It was a trifle chilly but the weather was otherwise good for walking, and everywhere was alive with the colour of spring flowers. Tuesday we walked in the other direction, across to Port Eynon, where we holidayed eleven years ago. Again perfect walking weather, spring flowers and birdsong. Gower really has kept its rich bio-diversity as well as its extraordinary beauty, perhaps because its woodlands and hedgerows are much the same way they have been for the past couple of centuries.

Today I had to drive back to Cardiff to conduct a wedding, celebrate the midday Eucharist, and attend a meeting making preparations for the Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination training workshop being held in Cardiff in mid-May. This promises to be most interesting, and I'm glad to be involved in it. Thankfully, the drive home only took eighty minutes. It's amazing how much post and how many emails can arrive when you're away only for a couple of days. That's the problem of having a 'home office'.

I arrived back in Oxwich in time for supper, and the Archers, having managed to figure out how to obtain BBC Radio Four on the Sky network supplying the cottage with digital signals. I'd have preferred a broadband connection for convenience of programming and keeping up with then news in my own time, but pay-as-you go mobile broadband isn't worth additional expenditure just for holidays, especially when you can't always be sure of a stable mobile phone signal in delightful corners of the world that are safe and quiet enough to eschew street lighting. Not a bad thing really, to give the rest of the world a miss for a few days.

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