Sunday, April 05, 2009

Holy Week begins

Another bright chilly spring morning for our Palm Sunday Eucharist, and a good crowd of people in attendance, fifty in all, including my Norwegian friends Sven and Susan, who are staying in a hotel nearby. It was lovely to be able to welcome them and chat after the service. Sven was pleasantly distracted every now and then during our conversation by the sound of the choir rehearsing for this evening's service. So nice to share the pleasure of the place and its people with a good friend with whom I've shared worship in previous times and places. As a cleric that can be quite a rare thing, as we tend to move from job to job, and don't always get opportunities to revisit or renew acquaintances forged by work, once we get stuck into a new situation.

After lunch I started revising my material for Good Friday, and ended up writing something for Evensong on torture and the wounds of Christ. Reading the Guantanamo Diary book is still raw and fresh in my mind, and I felt the need to share my reflections on it. Having not preached this morning, to allow the reading of the Passion to have its full weight, a sermon at Evensong didn't seem un-necessary. The choir sang four extra pieces, and we were still finished in less than an hour. A satisfactory start to the best week of the year.

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