Friday, October 03, 2008

Picture show commission

Ben joined us for the Eucharist at midday. I introduced him to the Tea Room crew afterwards, and then took him on walkabout around the city. It's something I enjoy doing as telling someone new, always brings me new insights into what I'm doing.

Unusually for me, when we were returning, my mobile phone rang, and it turned out to be a man from the BBC who'd been referred to me and my redevelopment photo journalling by the City Centre Manager. He wants to use some of my photographs on the big screen on St David's Hall.
I promised to send him the website link as soon as possible. The challenge is going to be in choosing which photos to use, with nine hundred or so published over the past three years, and which of the many stories of the redevelopment my pictures are able to tell.

I thought to myself - Ben, this is a crazy way to start a placement. I hope my explanations of all I get up to in the name of mission and minisgtry make some kind of sense.

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