Saturday, October 18, 2008

Connectivity quandry

A fortnight's deferred summer holiday leave starts for Clare and I today.

We've booked a cottage near the coast in Cardigan Bay. The downside is no internet link at the place where we're staying, so it will be interesting to learn to cope without easy access, especially at an interesting and busy time, when staying in touch with the situation in Cardiff would make life a lot easier to manage when I return. Progress on following up the Spiritual Capital conference now seems possible in mid-November, but now is the time for preparation - with or without me.

But really, the worst thing about holidays is the backlog of post and emails to be dealt with before normal routine can be resumed. A chance to go through the in-box every few days would make all the difference. I wonder about buying a Mobile Internet Device, that could give me access via the mobile phone network. I am assured of a decent signal in the place we'll be staying in. However, all I've read about MIDs suggest this is an expensive subscription. The only pay as you go MID option is not yet as good as it needs to be in terms of reliability and value for money. It would mean laying out £50. How much is that to pay for peace of mind? Too much, I think. I'll have a look at what the possibilities are at the nearest public library instead.

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