Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gower procession

A much needed day off today, and a visit to the Gower, to walk the length of Oxwich Bay to Three Cliffs Bay for a picnic in the sunshine. A perfect day, with hundreds of other walkers making the procession along the shoreline at low tide. We picked ripe blackberries on the return trip, enough for a couple of giant blackberry and apple crumbles, now that the Russet tree in the garden is shedding its crop from day to day. It was noticeable how little the leaves have turned in this part of the world, suggesting that despite all the rain, the temperatures have not been sufficiently extreme at any time to precipitate a change of colour or a fall of leaves. There were some wonderful flowers in and among the sand dunes, not to mention mushrooms. For once I forgot to take a camera, so it made a a change just to look and enjoy.

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