Monday, September 01, 2008

Election good news

I was delighted to hear the news this afternoon that Wyn Evans has been elected Bishop of St David's diocese. That makes four Bishops of people who were in college around the same time as I was.

It's funny, after forty years, the things you remember about people. Wyn was always one of those tidy, organised and disciplined students who meant business and didn't mess around. You could always hear him coming because his leather shoes had heel tips. His pace was always brisk and purposeful. A man with a sense of direction.

So it's not surprising that he's done a great job as Dean of St David's over the past fourteen years, especially in developing a high quality modern visitor centre worthy of pilgrims from all over Wales and the world. That's an absolute nightmare of a project in terms of planning and conservation issues in such a landmark institution.

Many in St David's diocese were disappointed at the untimely departure of Bishop Carl, whose progressive approach in tackling the difficulties of a widespread and complex diocese was appreciated as a breath of fresh air. I won't be surprised to hear the same of his successor in due course.

Definitely a Wyn-win situation for the diocese.

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