Saturday, July 19, 2008

Window on debate

Good to have an overnight stay in Kenilworth and spend time with our grand daughter. Watching her on the play equipment in the lush green Abbey Fields playground made me realise just how much her physical ability has developed in the three months since we last took her there for some fresh air and a work-out. The evening journey home through Warwickshire and Worcestershire countryside on the slow leg across county to the M5 was very pleasant. Going up on Friday evening the first day of the school holiday, traffic was heavy and slow, but tonight was very quiet, all the way. Having written my sermon last night, it meant I was able to relax a bit, and catch up on the Lambeth news reportage from Thinking Anglicans.

This news blog is one of the very best, with its breadth of coverage and links to background material around the current controversies besetting the church. The debates that issue from comments made on postings are a mixed bag of interesting, obscure, ridiculous and occasionally bordering on the unpleasant - though not nearly as unpleasant as some of the stuff that appears as comment on national newpaper blogs dominated by cynical secularists and militant atheists, with rarely a decent sensible comment from someone of a faith perspective. There's a lot of hostility out there towards people of faith, a lot of anger towards religion in general, which points to the failure of religious communities to meet modern people where they are and speak to their condition. It makes me think that maybe religous people spend too much time talking among themselves and not enough time reaching beyond their communities to reality test their ideas. We seem to be good at answering questions few are interested in, and either not understanding or not answering questions people are interested in. I wish I saw clearly what can be done about this.

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