Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back on wheels again

Thanks to the kindness of Dr Percy, one of St John's long standing members, I am mobile again. He has 'loaned' me a good serviceable bike which he no longer think he'll be riding. It's a lighter ride than my recent purchase, actually better sprung, as well as lighter in weight. I had half an hour's ride back from his place to home to get used to it, and arrived feeling blessed, if a little breathless, descending from The Heath along the bus route. I'm amazed and grateful to feel as fit and well as I do, given the lack of closure after my kidney stone 'incident' a couple of months ago. I should have gone in for a kidney exploratory on Friday, but in the absence of any bodily tribulation or pain over the past several weeks, I took the risk of postponing the op on account of the wedding the day after. I just didn't want to feel groggy and struggle to keep a grip of the occasion, as this would have detracted from their celebration. When you get to know people, the few who dare to buck the trend and pledge their lives to each other publicly in a church ceremony, you only want the best for them. And, so far so good, I'm none the worse for having put off the evil day.....

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