Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tredegarville farewells

This morning I attended the Year six leavers service at Tredegarville, during which the oldest class of children reminisced about their time in school, and performed a series of delightful songs, mostly written or with words adapted for the occasion.

This was also a farewell for Glenys Elston, a teacher in the school for nearly 32 years and Head Teacher for the past three. The children give tributes and gifts to her also, including a number of pictures providing a visual aid to their suggestion of what Mrs Elston might like to try out in her retirement - including rock climbing and bungee jumping, as well as resting in very sunny places.

It was a very touching occasion, followed by a lunch with the staff. I was much peeved by having to rush off early to celebrate the noon Eucharist, before catching the Bay Car to get to the Future Inn for the afternoon Spiritual Capital conference. A rotten diary clash.

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