Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tidying up time (3)

I just filed my first ever return at Companies' House by popping up to their headquarters, at the top end of the old Parish. Just outside the boundary line, on Crown way stands the imposing assembly of redbrick buildings with a multi storey car park which seems to be almost a third of the size of the whole complex.

The receptionist who issued a document receipt seemed distracted by the scores of people who were strolling out of the building at 2.30pm. Was it a fire alarm drill, I wondered, or a wildcat walk out? No - not the latter. There'd be a form to fill in and a fee to pay before anything happened.

Now I wait to see if the documents pass scrutiny, as they need to, and whether CBS Ltd. will be fined for late delivery, after my plea for indulgence a fortnight ago.

'After death comes judgement' says Hebrews 9:27 - a very Advent-ish thought. Waiting and seeing after making the submission is a bit like that. Not quite purgatory - that comes if we got it wrong.

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