Saturday, December 22, 2007

O king of the nations - untimely feasting

An orchestral concert of Christmas music graced St John's this afternoon. To my delight over a hundred people turned up and paid for the pleasure of listening to popular classics brilliantly played by an orchestra of young professionals. I hope it will be the first of many. The orchestra, known as the Lucy J Morgan ensemble would like to make St John's their performance home base.

With the Tea Room closed for the Christmas break I was fearful that there'd be nobody around to keep and eye on the building and the musicians' needs. When I got into church to open up, I found other already there, preparing for services tomorrow, and Ian came in and acted as minder over lunchtime. This was good as it freed me to go to a children's theatre performance at the Sherman, with all the rest of the family. I got there just in time to enjoy the whole thing.

We returned home and had a cold turkey lunch with Chrismtas pudding and a first session of present exchange, before I had to head back to church for the concert - I'd been asked to open and close - it was a duty that turned into an unexpected pleasure. Nevertheless, all jobs done, it was an even grater pleasure to return home and catch up on the week and the family.

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