Saturday, December 08, 2007

Feeling better

Another long day - the evening being taken up with overseeing the LGCM Annual Carol Service, switched to a Saturday evening from a Sunday this year. It was miserable and wet, but that didn't deter people from coming. There were a hundred present altogether, only slightly down from last year, so that was pleasing.

I spent four hours washing dishes as part of the Tea Room team, as we held a special fund raising day in appreciation of and support for the work of St Luke's Hospital for the Clergy, where I had my hernia repair done back in the autumn. Between donations and sales just over £500 was raised for their development fund. I was utterly delighted. Also delighted to feel fit and well enough to enjoy being on my feet working at the sink for so long without hindrance.

During the carol service I couldn't help remembering how shaky I was at this event last year, when I had to defend myself from the assaults of mentally disturbed young man, who tore the shoulder of my leather jacket just before I was about to get up and give the final blessing. I had no injury, but with my blood pressure condition not yet stabilised, I felt really shaken up.

Now the medication regime seems to work and my general level of fitness has improved after the hernia repair, so I don't feel as if I'm having to drag my body around the place quite so much. One other thing has changed. It's now a year since I renounced drinking coffee as an experiment. I still love the smell, but don't touch a drop.

Living without reliance on one everyday stimulant has shown me how hard I've tended to drive myself for most of my life. Now I sleep better, and pace myself in a more relaxed way, and this means a lot more enjoyment life, and no less achievement in the tasks that present themselves in everyday life. That's a lot to give thanks for.

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