Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nine eleven remembered

Well, I expected to be away from a computer for the inside of a week, as this is down time for me,in St Luke's Hospital for the Clergy in London, for a hernia repair. St Luke's has been totally overhauled, however, and each bed has its own thin client system, delivering radio TV and Internet services. The touchscreen virtual keyboard is not wonderful, but adequate to email the kids, and surf for news.

TV, since my admission on Sunday evening, has had a rash of programmes on 9/11, including Michael Moore's polemic documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, last night. It's been good to have something to occupy my mind, useful for dealing with the pain, and staying relaxed in the empty hours, except for the annoyance when web mail keels over and refuses to send, and loses the message! Still, it's a unique opportunity to practice patience as well as be a patient.

I remember well where I was on 11th September 2001, when I first saw/heard the news of the first plane collision with the W.T.C. We were living in Monaco, and it was a hot clear sunny afternoon, with not much to do. I switched on shortly after the first collision had been reported, and sensed this was going to be a world shaking event, and not just a tragic accident. I remembered the earlier failed attack on the W.T.C, and even then thought - this is the shape of things to come.

I kept vigil in font of the screen for a couple of hours, and then stated to work out what to do. That week, the church was kept pen for prayer, and I stayed round it for counselling opportunities. Few people came, a couple of dozen during the week. We held a special service, which was not hugely well attended, despite the number of Americans in the Principality. Once it was clear what had happened, people worried a lot more than they prayed.

Having time to reflect, and catch up on my memories of the event during my enforced idleness here - to hear stories I missed at the time - has been valuable. I just can't help wondering what the past six years of history might have brought us, if others than the Bush mafia had held the reins of power. So many hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths at American hands might not have occurred, with a wiser, less corrupt leadership holding the world together.

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