Friday, September 14, 2007

Home again, recuperating

Two days in hospital, two days staying with old friends in Beaconsfield, now finally home again to a not very large pile of mail, thankfully, and zero messages (the answering marchine was left switched off), allowing a little breathing space, and time to adjust. I'm grateful to have come through my modest surgical intervention without huge pain and discomfort, and I notice improvements in my mobility during each day. People have told me not to overdo it - heavens, even the Bishop has hold me not to overdo it! I understand why. Most of the impact of surgery is internal, and not always immediately felt. Overdoing activity can result in inflammation causing discomfort. Standing for too long causes the wounded area to heat up. Ignore, and it becomes stiff and painful. It pays to listen to the body, and accept and enjoy passivity, well, physical passivity. Can't stop the thoughts moving, and fortunately writing places no stress on my operated area. So this enforced time off is hardly a penance, atthough not being able to ride the bike for a month is real withdrawal of pleasure.

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