Friday, September 21, 2007

Back in the swing

I'm feeling thankful that the road to recovery after surgery has been undramatic, steady daily improvement. The single stitch was removed by the the GP's cheery practice Nurse on Monday, and I was able to resume celebrating the Eucharist on Wednesday with no discomfort or fatigue.
Yesterday, I had both a Eucharist and a Wedding to celebrate, one after the other, followed by a long four hour wedding banquet, all of which didn't leave me feeling wrecked. Today the doc gave his approval to my continuing to 'take it easy' and continue at work officially. Archdeacon Bill popped in to see me at home after the Eucharist, to complete with me the appropriate 'return to work' form required by the new employment regulations. I felt sorry for him having to frame his obvious pastoral interest with paperwork.

I was out for a walk when a concerned call came from the Representative Body about St James' - apparently rough sleepers have installed themselves - a recipe for disaster given the shortage of uncontrolled places for the cities' feral druggies and alkies to shelter since the city centre car parks have been demolished. I just hope they are able to get on top of the problem quickly, before it is burned down or rendered un-saleable. I confess I am relieved that the building is no longer the responsiblity of myself or the Parish Wardens, though I can't help being troubled by this turn of events.

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