Sunday, September 27, 2009

Confirmation outing

I was delighted that Fr. Eddie Davies, recently retired Vicar of Christchurch, Lakeside, was able to stand in for me at this morning's Parish Eucharist as it enabled me to accompany Andrew to his confirmation at St Michael's. I was delighted to learn that Eddie was a parishioner in his youth. He and Sally also recently retired, were married in St John's, and were delighted to revisit, and meet old friends in church. Andrew has been journeying towards confirmation for the several years I have known him. We both share a high regard for eastern Orthodoxy and a passion for photography, so our conversations have always been enjoyable. I'm glad that he's decided that he is most at home in Anglicanism generally and with us at St John's in particular.

St Michael's was packed for the confirmation. The four other candidates were children of the same family, whose confirmation had been delayed by the sudden death of their father last year, so this was an occasion with mixed feelings for the family. Bishop David spoke to the situation admirably, enabling us to move between sadness and laughter and onwards into the heart of worship without strain. It was such a treat to share in parish worship without any responsibility apart from reading to Gospel. Just being able to listen and receive is a real blessing.

After taking Communion to Hilda, I went up to the Heath to find out how Bill was doing after his accident yesterday evening. When I got to the ward, I was glad to learn that he had been taken down for surgery that morning, but not yet returned. It was reassuring to know that he didn't have to wait, as had to happen to Hilda when she had a similar break. Both a worrying and painful experience for her.

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