Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday outing

I took today off, as it was Clare's birthday. She started the day with a swim, so I slipped out to get the present I'd planned to buy but found no time to shop for, plus card, flowers, and some chocolate eclairs, a long standing favourite, and got back in time to prepare a birthday breakfast, for her to return to. We made our way down to Penarth for a birthday lunch at the Mediterraneo on the promenade, with a view of passing ships while we ate. We both spontaneously expressed the wish to live hereabouts, as and when we can sell the house and buy a new one with a view across Cardiff Bay.

On the way there we visited the Pumping Station antiques 'superstore' I suppose you'd call it, on Penarth Road for the first time, and delighted in its archtecture and the multiplicity of Aladdin's caves of collectors' items it shelters. We've passed by many times, too busy to turn off and make the discovery. It was a pleasant occasion to do this. On the way home, we both had appointments with an osteopath to sort out painful creaking joints. A favourite saying among parishioners is : "Old age don't come alone..."

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