Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A special passing moment

Recovery from my Christmas 'flu has proved a much longer process than expected. The symptoms seem to fade away, and then return a few days later but much weaker, and I'm left with a physical energy deficit. Thankfully my brain seems to have overcome the inertia that accompanied the first couple of weeks of 'flu, and I've had enough energy to start drafting my series of Lent Talks. So, it's not been totally unproductive time for me.

This morning I went for a brief visit to hospital for a CT scan, cheerily and efficiently dispatched in under fifteen minutes from walking in. The man in the queue behind me had travelled the 25 miles from Merthyr Tydful for his scan. Presumably they don't have a scanner unit at the hospital here. It's a huge piece of capital investment, after all.

This afternoon I had the surprise I've been hoping for. I passed the offending kidney stone, with a little discomfort but almost no pain. I suppose it must have been sitting in my bladder looking for the way out since whenever it shifted out of the ureter duct where it had been lodged. since last Summer I just hope that today's fresh CT scan shows nothing where a partial blockage was detected back in July's scan. If that's the case, there's no need for an operation, nothing doubtful hanging over me.

I can only feel grateful that my body has done me this favour. As Allan our Parish Warden often says : "We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made."

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