Monday, January 19, 2009

Hopeful times

This morning, it was quite pleasing to be able to produce my recently shed kidney stone to show the consultant, and then look at the CT scan image of it sitting in my bladder prior to expulsion. There was no doubt, from the comparison of shape and size that it was the same object and hadn't broken up in transit. Still, there's always a possibility of bits and pieces being left inside, although nothing was evident on the scan. So, the doctor was happy to dispense me from the operation, and book me in for a follow-up check in six months time. It's good, because it means that I can plan a holiday abroad now.

This afternoon we had the Tredegarville School Parent-Governor annual meeting, followed by a Governors meeting. It was good to be able to go into school for these, my first visit of the new year. The really good news is that the old school caretakers house is empty and can be made available for adaptation and development as a community education resource. There's a real possibility of available funding for the work that's needed and community groups around with an interest in becoming stakeholder partners in making the project happen. In a strange way, it's a repeat of the process by which we sought to develop the church, without success - but then we needed five times the amount of money we're now thinking about to be able to mount a viable project. Developing the house, by way of contrast, is a sustainable prospect.

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