Saturday, June 28, 2008

Holiday time 1

Yesterday afternoon we started our summer leave driving to Llandovery via Brecon, to stay overnight with Tom & Marilyn and catch up on several years' worth of news. Tom is just retiring from his job at Trinity College Carmarthen, and looking forward to a more relaxed way of life with his touring caravan.We enjoyed a long slow delicious supper and this morning breakfast and conversation before setting out north to Aberystwyth via Lampter. Visit to the National Library where we accpeted in invitation to a book launch event in The Drum, a new lottery sponsored film and lecture theatre. The book, 'Coalfaces' is a photographic essay in the life of the Afan Valley since the death of the pits and the old mining way of life. Drove on to Machynlleth and booked in for the night at the Wynnstay Hotel - eighteenth century charm with wi-fi internet access. We dined out at the Taj Mahal Bengali restuarant, whose charming young staff all seemed to have Lunn'un East End accents and ease of style.

Read the pre-publication GAFCON final report and statement (issued before it was agreed) on the Thinking Anglicans blog. What do they all think they're up to? They're organising their own exclusive 'Communion within a Communion' of people who will sign up to their 'orthodox' principles, and in doing so, effecting a schism. A great double-think to my mind. They act as if there is a common mind between the conservative evangelical and the anglo-catholic participants upon an undefined view of scripture, whose general tenor will be defined more as a denial of liberal and radical thinking than a clear traditionalist affirmation. Not least because there isn't one complete view of scriptural authority and its interpretation that has ever been universally accepted. The church has always lived with diverse possibilities and approaches, and has shied away from making a general dogma on this matter, perhaps because of the difficulty if not impossibility of doing so in a growing changing world. What a hole they have dug to appeal to the Christians worldwide to jump into!

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