Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Faith focus unfolding

We had our fourth Countdown 2009 Faith Focus Group this afternoon, the best attended so far, with the UWIC interfaith Chaplain, two Hindu community representatives, three different Welsh language church representatives, the Vicar of St Mary's Butetown, and myself, as well as Paul Mannings and Sue his scribe, representing the Council.

It was a positive affair with a lot to cram into an hour - we didn't quite make it, but the vital thing is that some bonds of mutual interest are forging into what I believe can become an engine of activity to celebrate and promote the cultural and religious diversity of of city - particularly our city centre. This is just as important as being able to offer a commentary from a faith communities' angle on the development vision as it unfolds.

Having done a lot of homework on the city's faith communities for the Spiritual Capital research project, I feel now as if I should start drafting a tourist guide book to the faith communities of the City Centre and the Bay. We really have so much going for us. But where will we find the funding for a suitable publication?

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