Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Pocket Pals arrive

Back last Autumn, the City Centre Retail Partnership and the St David's II development team mooted the production of a new street map to show the essentials of the shopping area, parking places, bus access points, main stores and public facilities, that could fold down into something that would go into a top pocket or small handbag with ease. Hence the name 'Pocket Pal' It was to be part funded with sponsored advertisements. I wondered if the churches might be able to but a small advertising space. City Centre Churches Together agreed to buy into the project, and our proposal received a warm response from the map arrangers. In the end we acquired a small space on which we could place the details of seven sets of church Sunday service times, plus our ecumenical website address. My strapline "Shop and Pray any Sunday" made everyone smile, fortunately. Over the next three years, these will be given away free - a quarter of a million of them!

Today, our first boxes of Pocket Pals were delivered, enabling me to start getting them out to the city centre churches. I put some at the back of St John's too, and noticed how quickly they were taken. A good sign? I hope so. Even if nobody makes the effort to respond to our ad. and comes to join in worship, at least it will be known that the church is still here, in the heart of businessland a part of businessland, welcoming and inviting consumers to 'taste and see the goodness of the Lord'.

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