Monday, January 15, 2007

Fou ta cagoule

We had some unusual internet amusement last night after supper. There's been a small groundswell of controversy rising in Geneva over a festive season stunt among the duty firemen at the airport. Evidently they are a creative bunch, but on one of the Christmas holiday periods when they were on duty with no 'planes coming in to be vigilant over, the guys assembled a video 'mashup', as it's called, and posted it on a French video blog site, and put the link on their boss' computer desktop, as a festive gift to amuse him.

Thankfully, the boss was suitably amused. The word went out very quickly about the video, and hundreds of people posted praiseworthy comments and congratulations. Except ... except ..., the local Geneva city councillor, who was not amused, and wanted to know if this was being done when they should have been working, and whether any misuse of public resources was involved etc etc. Total refusal to treat these young men as intelligent, sensible, responsible people worthy of their profession. Of course the Tribune de Genève got hold of it and gave it a page's worth of comments and publicity, and the boss's proud encouraging remarks made the politician look as worthy of office as some of our British politicians who frequently rush in and say something stupid before their brains are engaged.

The video, surely you want to know about the video. Check out "Fou ta cagoule - pompier." It's a funny take-off of another rap video by Michael Youn on the same page, which takes the mickey while celebrating hoody wearing. Youn's sound track has been used by several different video enthusiasts wanting to be filmed performing carioke. Early in December a crew of Parisian pompiers published an early attempt, but the Genevois take-off was technically far superior, and had the advantage of showing off, the firemen's mess room, a couple of monster airport firefighting machines, and the interior of an aircraft, all used as an impromptu film-set. for some dance routines. "Hm", said Valdo, that's the first time I've seen anything of the place he works!" All good hilarious fun, to inspire confidence in the feistyness of the upcoming generation, who know what to take seriously and what to take the mickey out of.

The fireman's cagoule, in case the penny hadn't dropped, is a vital part of the safety kit without which nobody can go into action and save lives, without endangering themselves. Châpeaux aux pompiers!

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