Sunday, February 01, 2009

A change of pattern

Last Sunday Jane and Iris, the only regular attenders at the Tredegarville School Sunday Eucharist proposed that we should not re-start it for the time being. The school Eucharist had to stop when I went sick before Christmas. Both are enjoying attending the ten o'clock service at St John's instead. We've not succeeded in attracting regular new worshippers, and maybe we won't until we have a properly set up chapel within the school. This is a distinct possibility as part of the plan under discussion to develop the school caretaker's house for community use. I may be happy to offer the Eucharist anywhere convenient, but I have to admit this is not how most people's hearts are inclined. However modest or small it might be, a permanent sanctuary would be something a new group of people might more easily attach themselves to.

So, this Sunday was my first Sunday with an afternoon free of timetabled services for over two years. It meant that I was able to go out and visit two of the three sick communicants I had been unable to get to since before Christmas. Fortunately, both had received the sacrament, courtesy of colleagues in the meanwhile, but I felt the need to see them, to celebrate my recovery and resumption of duties with them.

Perhaps when the Spring weather arrives, it'll be possible for Clare and I to take a leisurely stroll in Bute Park on a Sunday afternoon, and hear the sound of St John's or the Cathedral's bells calling us to Evensong. For far too long it's been normal not to have time to savour moments like these. There's an art to doing less in order to achieve more. I wonder if I might succeed in learning it before I retire?

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