Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hard of hearing?

After the Eucharist, I was out and about taking photographs, when I ran into Dick Geen, whose Council remit is Community Safety. He introduced me to his new colleague Tom. "Meet my new alligator." I thought he said. Well, I've heard heard of people with a security brief being described as rottweilers, but this was a new one on me, so I just smiled and shook hands. Dick said they were both on their way up to the Market to look at a location for a new security gate - one of the features of the new order of things in the city centre to enclose dark corners of service areas and put them out of reach of those with dark intentions in mind. It was a little while before the penny dropped. Tom is in charge of designing and procuring gates to enclose dark alleys. What Dick had actually said was "alley gat-er". Nice one.

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