Sunday, November 04, 2007

Seen from space - last year

It's not hard to be a fan of Google Earth, but it was embarrassing to check out Cardiff as I did when the program was first distributed, in the summer of 2005, and find that much of the Bay was still a building site - no Millennium Centre, and brownfield sites where I knew there were apartment blocks. My esteemed predecessor's car was shown outside the Vicarage, and he'd already been retired and moved away three years by then.

I enquired of the Council if anyone knew why Google should show Cardiff as it was in 2000 during in its centenary year. Nobody knew. Did PR and Marketing know or care? Strange in such an image conscious city.

The 2000 Cardiff Google image persisted until a couple of weeks ago.

When I re-checked following a fresh install of Google Earth on a new computer on 16th October, There was no change. But, when I looked again tonight at last I found there'd been an update!

Now the Millennium Centre and the Senedd, as seen from space are visible for the world to see. However, if you move north to the city centre, Oxford House and the central car parks are still standing. Only the Ice Rink buildings have been demolished, dating the images to the last week of September 2006.

Why did it take so long to get Google's images of Cardiff up to last autumn? Will it ever be (nearly) up to date?

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