Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lobster claws

That's what they call them on the demolition site - I just found out. Those hundred foot long articulated arms that reach up and bit a chuck of concrete, as if it were merely a biscuit are called lobster claws, obviously but I didn't guess it, though they even look at bit like claws. Two of these huge are chewing away at the face of the Tredegar Street car park now. An orange one and a yellow one that's been redeployed from chewing down Oxford House,at a standstill for the moment.

Recently I noted that the closing of Currys Digital in Queen Street left the city centre without no retail outlet selling mainstream PC computers, although the new shop selling Apple Macs seems to be doing well. Well, I was wrong. Jessups the photography retailer, having lost a shop on the Hayes side of Oxford House, has opened a new superstore on Churchill Way, and this shop, uniquely among its stores is selling PC and Apple laptops. It makes sense, since the use of digital still cameras, and even more so video cameras, requires use of a computer to process picture data. The store also provides a very full direct 'camera to print' service as well as a 'print via the internet service'. Nice to see a business opportunity taken up which is up to the moment, rather than lagging behind. Interesting though, I found this out by going into the shop, not by their advertising.

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